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Sonja Funnell Art: December 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

Bear Strength

School is done for a few months, so I can work on some personal art again! Anyway, I have a few commissions right now, two Native American portraits, a tattoo design, and a table to paint, but I am always looking for more. (The font is so huge because I'm desperate).My most recent work is this sea turtle, I'm working on a cheetah right now...wildlife art is nice because it's harder to see when you make a mistake. Portraits are still my favorite though.

I'm still wondering if I want to go into graphic design, I'm double majoring in design and 2D, but I love drawing much more. But graphic design seems more employable...I'd be happy with it if there weren't so many cliches in the graphic design world. I'm tired of all the concentric circles everywhere with stock flourish brushes everywhere.

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